Newcastle Public School

Newcastle High School 1906 - 1912

Part 1
"Since the school has been in operation for little more than six years, its history up to the present date must necessarily be a brief one though it is unique in some respects ... more "

Part 2
"... In sport our boys distinguished themselves by winning the football competition against ... more "


Remis Velisque
" With Oars and Sails"

Part 1
"The first 75 years of Newcastle High School from June 5th, 1906 - Newcastle Herald ... more "

Part 2 ... more

A very brief history of the evolution of the schools and demise of NBHS and NGHS.


A summary of the formation, Aims and Achievements of the OBA.



For your interest, this quote from the first Novocastrian, published in 1912, referring to the year 1909:

"This year also witnessed the formation of an ex-pupils’ union, whose objects were to keep up the connection of the pupils with the school after leaving it, to maintain the friendships they had formed while at school, as well as to promote the mutual improvement of the members. During the Christmas Holidays every year a dinner is held, at which as many as 100 ex-pupils have sat down, with the Head Master as President in the chair, supported by one of the local school inspectors, and some members of the staff. A pleasant evening is spent with songs, toasts, recitations and general conversation."

Dick Sanders