Charles Goffet


(From Prime Time Supplement, Newcastle Herald, 20 February 1991)

"Charlie's no angel, but life has been full.

Charlie Goffet would probably call it misguided in the extreme, but there is among the ex-students of Newcastle Boys High School a fierce loyalty and affection for their former French teacher.

Charlie is probably better known to readers of the Newcastle Herald as an irreverent and irrepressible contributor to the newspaper's Readers' Opinions columns over almost 20 years.

Some of his offerings delight in taking the mickey out of serious souls and their serious pronouncements. Others embroider incidents from his youth into entertaining tales that may or may not bear passing resemblance to reality..."

'Victim of Smokers' Newcastle Herald 1988

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Charlie's good friend Prof Kelver Hartley
Christening his "togs"
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