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Ken Clifford
Ken Clifford Ken Clifford Retires afyer 26 years at Hunter Academy of Sport

Gary Gilmour
Gary "Gus" Gilmour 1951-2014 Lewis cartoon Gus Gilmour

D'ye ken the school on the hill so high,
Bravely facing the winds and the sky,
While the waves sing their song to the beaches high,
As the bell goes for school in the morning.
Yes, when we are gone in the years far ahead,
When the last game's played and the last lesson said,
The name of the school will awaken from the dead
The memories of many a morning.

Serving straight in a hard-fought match
Sprinting for the tape or a puzzling catch.
The 'blues' from the limit man to the scratch
Will still do their best night and morning.
Remis Velisque's the motto for all
And our hearts once again will still hear its call,
When the muscles are stiff that once toed the ball,
Or climbed up the hill in the morning.