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School Song: Remis Velisque


At a UoN graduation ceremony in April, John Blakemore (NBHS Class of 1956) was awarded a Doctorate of the University. This photo shows Peter Scaife on the left (1957; made the nomination), Paul Jeans (1958; Chancellor of the University) and John. Since this is the 50th Anniversary of the University, it is interesting to note that Peter Scaife was in the first Academic Procession in 1965; as the most junior academic (Teaching Fellow), he brought up the end of the procession with Ted Flowers the University Librarian (Class of 1946).


Friday 19th September 2014

War Memorial Dedication 19SEP2014
Wesley Ting, left, and Graeme Tewkesbury with school captains Sandra Callaghan and Tyrone Shema. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

DECADES after they fought and died in service of their nation, the sacrifice of students from the former Newcastle Boys High School have been marked with a new memorial.

Yesterday, members of the school’s Old Boys Association unveiled plaques commemorating 36 former students who died in the Second World War, as well as those from the Vietnam and Korean wars.

The 36 names from the Second World War were uncovered after research from the association, and history nut and old boys member Bill Storer said the group had searched for names from the admission registers of Newcastle High School from 1906 to 1929 and Newcastle Boys High School from 1930 to 1976 to compile the new list.

Mr Storer said the names included two students who died on the Iron Knight, sunk in 1943 by a Japanese submarine, part of a convoy on its way from South Australia to Newcastle. 

‘‘The school likely wouldn’t even have known they were on board,’’ he said.

Today known as the Waratah Technology Campus of Callaghan College, Mr Storer said the current students did a ‘‘marvellous job’’ honouring their forbearers.

The school has had some 1,800 students serve in the military since it was opened in its original form back in 1906, and principal said it was ‘‘very fitting’’ they be included 62 years later.

“These events may well be part of history, but the acknowledgement of direct local links creates a connection between those who gave their lives and the young people taking part in the ceremony, and those who will see the plaques, that no academic study can,” she said.

The guest of honour was John Gladstone Cornish, a Second World War veteran who was the school’s captain in 1939 and retired in 1979 as the Chief of Air Force Materiel.


1972 - 6th Year Class Lists
1972 6th Year Class Lists


Smith House boys, here's a song for you,
Hunter and Hannell and Shortland too,
Sing it as our fathers sang it, loud and true,
As they climbed up the hill in the morning.

Yes, when we are gone in the years far ahead,
When the last game's played and the last lesson said,
The name of the school will awaken from the dead
The memories of many a morning.

Serving straight in a hard-fought match
Sprinting for the tape or a puzzling catch.
The 'blues' from the limit man to the scratch
Will still do their best night and morning.

Remis Velisque's the motto for all
And our hearts once again will still hear its call,
When the muscles are stiff that once toed the ball,
Or climbed up the hill in the morning.



Preb Maehl
Student & Maths Master

Preb Maehl

1963 - Coach 1st XI - Cricket

Greg Wilson - "Sad to advise the passing of Preb Maehl on Saturday evening. Was School Vice Captain and returned as Maths Master for a number of years in the 1960’s. Was a member of the Old Boys, but resigned when he was incapacitated by a Stroke. Was a good friend of Charlie Goffet and Len McRae, who were also Old Boys and Teachers at the School. In my day Languages and Maths Teachers shared the ground floor Staff Room."Preb 1943

1943 - NBHS Captain 1st XI - Cricket

Bob Aus - " Preb went on to be Deputy Principal of Gateshead High School, was there when I prac taught in 1966, then became Principal of Lambton High School (possibly the first)."

Norm Rodgers - "Had him as a teacher too. My father also used to run against him. He was a pretty fair sprinter."


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Gary Gilmour more
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NBHS Old Boy
Paul Jeans
Paul Jeans


NBHS Old Boy
Gordon Barclay receiving his Order of Australia

Gordon Barclay OAM


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