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CADELL, Lieutenant Tom - 1914 Tribute WW1

1914 Tom Cadell

HARVEY, R F - Headmaster - 1927
JACKSON, Robert - Report Card - 1916
1916 Report Card

JEFFRIES, Capt Clarence - complete story pdf (large file)
JONES, Thomas - Dux Badge
Thomas Gilbert Henry Jones completed his Leaving Certificate at Newcastle High, the "school on The Hill," at the tender age of just sixteen, qualifying for Division One, and went on to a glittering academic career, first at University of Sydney, then at Queensland University. His Dux medallion, pictured, was presented to him by Headmaster Charles Rattrey ("Caesar") Smith. T G H Jones had attended the tiny primary school at Owen's Gap, in the upper Hunter Valley, where his father was the only teacher, and he studied with the support of a bursary. At Sydney, he won the University Medals for both Mathematics and Chemistry, and his career culminated with his appointment as Dean of Science , at UQ. He was a proud defender of the traditions and autonomy of universities, until his death in 1970. Each year at UQ, a Memorial Lecture, on the sciences, is delivered in his honour.

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KILMINSTER, Harry - Report December - 1906
MILLAR, Duncan - Report December - 1906
MILLAR, Duncan - Report December - 1907
MILLAR, Duncan - Report June - 1907
MOTUM, Daisy -1922 to 1926
RAYSMITH, Doris ... The Education of ... - 1907 to 1911
1914 Tom Cadell

This comprehensive item explains, in detail, what was involved in Doris Raysmith’s gaining of a scholarship to progress to years 4 and 5 at NHS, as a ‘Probationary Student’, at the completion of which she was awarded the status of Dux. A further scholarship was then won to assist in her studies at the ‘Training College’ in Sydney to become a teacher. It also describes her results at Sydney University, where she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.
SMITH, 'Caesar' Headmaster
SNEDDON, Frances - Family History - 1916